Standing my ground

The previous article was about my lens, now its about my body!

With the entrance of canon's 1DsMKIII initially..reading it in the papers I was really stun to see tempting can it get? getting so close to a medium format at such a comparatively lower price! Of course I can't afford that camera as a student with zero income but how good can it be..i mean, its simply so irresistible.

For a moment I did thought of switching sides from Nikon to Canon..but I know I can never do it. Physically and financially.

Then Nikon came out with its own competition the D3! well with its more speed oriented production its resolution can't match canon's. As much as I want to lay my hands on such grand cameras I know my pocket will never allow.

I'm standing my ground, I'm holding back because I must strongly make myself believe that D80 is more than enough for most of my photography needs, at least for now...

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