Star effect using natural density filter

Just want to share how I took this picture of the star effect of the sun.

I used the 0.6 Natural Density Filter to get the said effect. To lower the brightness, I adjusted the EV value to underexposed the sky a little bit.

The original copy had a bit of len flares, and had to clean it in the Photoshop. Alternatively you could cover the lens with your hands or cap to cast eliminate those flares, though.

You could also use Star Filter to get the star effect, but thats the easy way out. ;)

Clouds formed at the bottom of the picture is actually fogs covering Lake Geneva. No special effect done there.

This picture was taken from the Jura Mountain range near St Cergue, Switzerland.

And yes, I have to do a bit of huffing and puffing, hiking and climbing to the mountain top to be above the clouds.

Worth it.

Photo credits: Akulamatiau.

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Laurasinelle: Thanks!


Nero67: No problem just doing my bit here in DT.


Egomezta: Thanks. Appreciate it.


FabioConcetta: Thanks!


Great effect, looks amazing!


It is agreat image, great effect. Thanks fro sharing.


Very nice effect, thanks for sharing!!!


Really nice beautiful colors!


Llareggub : Will keep the info in mind the next time I attempt to do it again.


Mariaam: Glad to discuss it here.


Karefoleyphotography: No prob.


Thanks for sharing the info!


Nor did I until I was trying to work out why I was getting such different burst patterns with my two lenses, so had to refer to my old mate google :)

Now if I am trying to achieve it I always use the lens with the even number of blades as it makes for a nicer burst pattern for me, unfortunately it is a lens that is prone to terrible lens flare :(


Interesting effect, thanks for sharing the details.


Llareggub : Frankly, I dont have any idea about number of blades dictates how many streaks we are going to get, Great info as always. Thanks.


Amilevin: You are right, forgot to mention about the F number. Mine was F22 the highest I could go to with the lens. This is what like about DT community - sharing knowledge. Thanks!


The most important thing in order to get this star effect is to use the highest F number that you have. the ND is a nice addition but not a must.


Nice picture, I have struggled to be able to get decent starbursts.

But apparantly a small aperture, big f number is the key where as the number of "arms" on the burst are dictated by the number of blades on the "iris" of your lens :)

"Lenses that have an even number of blades will yield starbursts that have the same number of streaks as blades since each streak will have a counterpart from the opposite aperture blade that lines up with it exactly. If a lens has an odd number of aperture blades (as most actually do) you will end up with twice as many streaks as aperture blades since no overlap will occur."

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