Starry Nights and Old Papers Images Collections

Here are two new stock images collections created:

The Starry Night Stock Images and Old Paper Stock Images


I have always loved dark starry August nights. When you rise your eyes, you can see the grandiosity of the Universe, and feel how small you are compared to that vast expanse of galaxies. And this feeling is not scary at all. I can feel my legs standing strong on the ground and I feel myself powerful. I feel we all are powerful. We have been created so small and seemingly negligible, but the way how we are created and how our Creator treats us, makes me feel powerful and important, just like I want to treat any other people beside me, they are just as powerful and important as me. Watching the stars reminds me that fact.


There's something honorable and respectful in old wrinkle papers. Pages of history... They have seen generations after generations. Their fights and struggles. Their happiness and success. They carry their knowledges and wisdom. Sometimes stupidity, which eventually becomes the wisdom of others. They carry something timeless, something that any generation coming in the future can't take away or make to disappear. Even when erased or rewrited or burnt, it will rise to the surface at some point in the future again. Pages have memory, they carry their bytes of information. That's why they are favorite subjects for wallpapers and backgrounds. They are just lot of more than colored paper sheets.

That's the story of these collections.

You are welcome to suggest your images to collections!

Photo credits: Clearviewstock, Konstantin Sutyagin.

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Nice collections. I have several images of old paper in my portfolio.

Edit: Thanks for adding mine:)


You are always welcome, Maen! :)
Great photos, Igor! Thumbs up!


Thanks Maigi for adding my images ;)


Great idea Maigi! I have 10680471, 10680460 & 13107944 for the STARRY NIGHTS if you like...
10679053 & 10679027 for OLD PAPERS! Cheers ;)


Wow! Thanks for adding my images to your brilliant collection!


Thanks for good suggestions! Added several images. These are beautiful! Thanks! Only "starry nights" and "old papers" this time. :) Ingrid, you can start a Moon collection! I have some images to add. :)


Do you acept "moon" images for your starry nights?

for old paper: 7277759


Nice collections! Does this fit in the category?


Nice collecions! Perhaps, you would like to select some additional images for your 'Starry night' collecion. They could be taken here, e.g.:


Thank you for adding several of my images to both of these great collections!
Here's a level 5 image that I forgot to include for your consideration for your Starry Night Collection that would fit in nicely: 10117916
Thanks again!


Nice c ollections, congrats!


Very interesting. Thanks :).


I am going to play around with the telescope+camera stuff this summer!


Wonderful collections!!!!


Very beautiful collections!!!


Great collection ideas! I have three images with keywords:
stars night sky blue starry
in my portfolio that you might like for your collection.

I have many with keywords:
old paper
that you might like as well for your paper collection. Thank you in advance for checking them out!


Very good collections.

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