Hi again..I know I've to talk about my stocker project but, I've to talk right now about another topic:

THIS blog..

You have to know that I'm a complete newbie about blogs, so is very difficult (!) for me to post something..

the system shout me that I've to insert an image (which image, mine? yours??) and, after I've done canceled..

Right now I try with a glass of beer..;)

I'm going to cry..

So can I ask here where to find a guide for this..probably is very very easy..anyway I'm going to search info and I'll give you, for all the silly person like me!

Opps..thanks to anyone who read the last topic..!

Have a nice day!

Photo credits: Dabobabo.

Your article must be written in English

September 13, 2007


Thanks Tangie..I'm trying to learn;), sorry for mistakes!

September 12, 2007


In your blog article, you can insert photos that are your or other users'. Make sure that you write only the ID of the image in question and not the whole link. try not to use photos from the free section for the time being as they may not work being inserted. We still have to work on that. For the rest, if you have any other questions, please address them to support. The blog article is not really meant for questions but for personal input. :)

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