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I'm a green hand who just purchased a Canon 450D and 3 lenses about 8 months ago. I happened to find this website by google and tried to upload some pictures here,and it's really exciting that 10 of them were approved and on-line now... I feel so glad to share these pictures with all of you although until now there's no download.

Photo credits: , Kennyxli.

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Congratulations on your first download and more uploads!


P.S. - I loved the unique background of this image - so many images have white backgrounds - perhaps because there is more demand for them, as I have read in blogs - but I loved it that it is unique!!!! Very creative!



Congratulations and welcome to Dreamstime!!!!


Thanks for your message here. Good luck to all :)


Good job! I like your pictures. :)


All the photos & illustrations that went approved here are at least good, so it's a matter of time! Your's are very nice!

Wait Upload & get some luck :)
Good Luck



Nature shots are not easy patient! As I see, with natural and architecture shots downloads are less, but money is better :)

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