Start with a photowalk

As an amateur it's really important that you shoot a lot and do this frequently, however this is easier said and done. You usually find yourself without your camera when there is a good shot or don't have something to shoot with your equipment in hand. Also there is a initial shyness to carry around your camera everywhere you go and then to grab the courage to point it towards someone and shoot. I am sure everyone has gone through this phase or experiencing it right now. I have heard someone say that your first 10000 shots are usually where you learn and then you start producing images worth bragging. I know not all may agree to this view point but what I really mean to say is you need to shoot a lot to learn and this doesn't come naturally. When you start shooting more you are able to isolate and appreciate the good shots.

Basking Damsel

This is where joining photowalks helps. Coming into an entirely new city, I found it initially very hard to find photo-ops and hence shooting less. This is when I got introduced to one of the photography clubs which regularly goes out every week. There are some unique advantages of such groups which has photographers from various walks of life and with different set of skills and experience.


The photowalks open up a new avenue for aspiring photographers and encourages them to shoot a lot and share the same among the group which provides constructive criticism which is much needed to improve.I personally found my group a very active one which never misses a weekend and shots in early mornings. The walks happen every Friday morning where all start at 4 AM and shoot between 6 to 9 and are usually back home by 10 to enjoy the weekend (Ah.. I forgot to mention Friday and Saturday are weekend days here in Dubai). Some of my shots from the photowalks are added in the blog.


Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

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January 16, 2018


Thank you for this useful article with interesting advices.

January 09, 2018


Nice shots!

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