Starting blog with a question : Sell the rights (SR-EL)

Sell the rights (SR-EL)

use recommended price (recommended price: $XXXX) or set a price $ XXX

Who of you has already sold such SR-EL License and how often ?

thanks for all info and reply

Chachas, Europe

Photo credits: Chachas.

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March 27, 2008


Hi Chachas,

Recently I asked the same question here are a couple blogs with additional information on SR-EL.$5100-for-an-image_art25657

March 27, 2008


I think it is simply recommended price for new image. When your photo is selling it price for SR-EL get automatically higher. One download rise up the price from $350 to $750, but when you have image on level 2 it cost $3000. Price of SR-EL grow with the popularity of image, which is why I always use recommended price for image, but if you think that your photo should cost higher at beginning, simply set your price.

March 27, 2008


it's 750 not 350 $ - i am unable to modify this data from 350$ but dreamstime takes automatic 750 because i think the picture has already been sold one time !
Correct me if i'm wrong

March 27, 2008


it's questions interesting for me too.
what is criterion this price appointed? Why is the recommended price 350$?

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