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For much of my life I had been a hobby photographer. Until mid of 2007 I was using old style analogue films with my Nikon D90X. But then we decided to visit the relatives of my wife in China. I thought, it is now high time to switch to digital photography. And I bought a Nikon D200. This way I could continue to use my Nikon lenses.

It took me more than a week to study the camera's manual and another book about the D200. Slowly I began to recognize that digital photography needs quite a bit more knowledge compared to the "good, old" analogue world.

The first difference I noticed: I took about 10 times more photos. And I had to learn to delete the bad ones. Then I had to learn the basics of an image processing tool.

After the holidays and about 2000 new digital photos I decided to make more out of them. Just storing them on hard disk would be a bit boring. Why not connecting a hobby with a bit of money making?

I tried with Competitor's name removed by admin, send my first batch of 10 of my best photos to them. All but one got rejected. After my disappointment settled a bit, I began to search for the causes. And I selected Dreamstime for my second try, because here the hurdles for beginners are lower and you get better feedback why a photo was rejected.

I learnt - also with the help of other community members - how to improve my photos: noise reduction, sharpening, colours, contrast, saturation and many other things. I also learnt about the limited dynamic range for digital photography compared to what I was used to with analogue films.

I am still learning what a micro-stock agency wants and what is not wanted. And the best selling photos are often not the most brilliant ones.

Dreamstime accepted my first photo at the 22th of January this year. I am continuing uploading photos. Now I am approaching the number 50 of accepted photos. Next Milestone: At the 5th of March it happened for the first time that two of my photos got sold. I will stay with Dreamstime, because they are helping me to become a better photographer.

So what makes a good photographer: He has to delete his bad photos. And he has to learn, learn, learn....

Here my first two sold photos. They are from Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) in South-West China, near Jiuzaigou (Nine Village Valley) area. About 20,000 tourists are visiting this area per day to see these miracles of nature. And despite the many tourists there: If you have a chance to see Jiuzaigou and Huanglong, then take it.

© Hdanne
© Hdanne

Photo credits: Hdanne.

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March 13, 2008


aha, the photos were shot in Nine Village Valley just as I guess! The blue water are fantastic!
I will stay with Dreamstime, because they are helping me to become a better English user.
The digital camera took about 10 times more photos, at the same time you have to spend 10 times time on them!

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