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Starting a new adventure with Dreamstime

For over a year now I've traveled the US in an Airstream (the big silver twinkies on wheels). Almost every state has been visited, and I've taken photos everywhere I've gone.

Last year while traveling Montana I met a fellow Airstreamer, author, and photographer for National Geographic. Talk about impressive! On top of his list of credentials he also had a vast array of stock photography available. He got me thinking.

Finally, a few weeks ago I decided to try out a stock photo site, and chose Dreamstime. So far so good. I've got a lot to learn, and I'll be reading here a lot. Thanks to all for suggestions in your blogs, and wish me luck.

Oh, my favorite subjects? Outdoor photography, climbing, hiking, kayaking. Since I arrived in AZ I've been doing a lot of climbing. Now I need to work out the best big wall photos and get them up here too!

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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