Starting out..2 weeks in.

2 weeks in....such a learning curve....

First attempt at a Blog,thought I would share my thoughts.

20 pending photos,1 uploaded,I think 8 refused.

First lesson was navigating the site,and thankyou for all the help you guys have given in your blogs forum ect.Im still finding my way about,but enjoying every second.

Atfirst I didn't click with the keep uploading,then the penny dropped after listening to you.So Im uploading everyday even if its just one.

The advice given on here is terrific,and Im sure Im not alone on that thought.Got a long long way to go yet ,but enjoying the learning.

I keep stumbling on new things,and everyday try and learn something.

Im hunting for"how to put an image on the blog at mo,but have not tracked it down yet.LOL

There are some great portfolios on here and its a joy to sift though.

Until next time,have a great day...Jo :0)

PS...I do not quite believe it,but just as I preveiwed this up pops put an image in ,then how to do it was just around the corner.

Another lesson.......LOL.

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Hi and welcome to DT, Love the little chick, it looks so delicate. I wish you much success. You have the right attitude. Just keep uploading and learning, but above all, enjoy what you are doing.


Thank you, I love the cherry tomatoe images...:0)in your portfolio


Thanks Eleanor,Im laughing at myself at the moment,just looked at my pending images and on everyone I forgot the Cap lock title,Im so glad I looked..heehee..Think I need to check and check again before I press the submit button.


Congratulations and welcome! I am new here, too!


Welcome and Good luck :-)

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