Starting Out

This is really a journey of discovery. I wouldn't call myself a top shelf photographer, but my photos just go to waste, being stored in various places and many have died senselessly with the death of a hard drive. Most stock photography sites want photos of people or buildings. I prefer nature. I hate worrying about staging people with silly props, getting paperwork signed, and worrying about all the various details when I can just go outside and find something interesting to share with others.

My goal is to find photos in my files that fit well here. If I notice voids...things I think should be here, but aren't, I may choose to take photos of those things and add them over time. As I've discovered working with websites, there can never really be too many pictures of a desired subject. Various colors and tones and styles all fit better in certain contexts. Get it wrong, and the whole page looks wrong.

Whether this is a success or not, at least I'll have learned something. Who knows, maybe it will make me a better photographer?

Squirrel Crumb Bridge

Photo credits: Reginald Welkin.

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September 13, 2016


Welcome to the Dreamstime community!!!

It is surely a great place for you to showcase your work and talents!!

There are always going to be a fare share of people who would be giving critiques on your work, both positive or negative.

However, the important point is not to be disheartened, and give your best shot!!!

September 12, 2016


Davesmith - Your comment is rude and uncalled for. Just because they see things differently than you might doesn't give the right to be insulting.
You should apologize and the recuse yourself from these boards until you learn to be more accepting. And you grow up a little.

September 11, 2016


Of course it will make you a better photographer...

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