Starting out on Dreamstime

I was so happy to see that 6 of my first 38 submitted files were accepted! Of course a higher percentage would have been better, but I feel like the rejections will help me understand the requirements more completely. A bit of a thrill to see that little copywrite C next to my name... :)

Photo credits: Amy Nicolai.

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How thrilling for you, congrats and welcome also! You have a lovely collection of images here so far! ;) And, thanks kindly for your comment on my first blog... I also enjoy the seascapes and desert regions... ALL landscapes appeal to me overall....


I feel for you, I have had the same thing, but practice makes perfect. I am up to 17, but as I get some of the rejections I am starting to understand more where I lack the technical skills. Keep shooting ;-)


Thanks Charles! I was pretty happy that my percentage of acceptance has increased. I've been a lot more selective on exposures especially. :)


I see you are up to 19 uploads! Great progress!


AmyEmilia, thanks for the story of your name. Your metaphor of the bridge is really moving.

About the Matera photo: I would encourage you to dial back with the processing and see how it looks. It's a beautiful photo, and I think it has potential once it's accepted here.


Thanks Andrea!


Hi Amy, your photos are beatiful, I like grapevines and the joshua's tree, keep on this way!


Grazie Roberto! Thanks for the note. I'm having fun trying to learn this business, and I appreciate your visit very much. Ciao, Amy


Hi! Welcome on DT. Only 6 files, but... beautiful shots! Congrats! I like very much all your photos. Especially this one showing the Pantheon roof and the Joshua trees. Good luck for the future! Rob.

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