Static Discharge

Standing at the open back door with camera in hand, the cat wanders in.

Going into the living room, I reason that if I get down on the rug, maybe

I can get more than just a snapshot of said cat.

Now it turns out the cat had never seen this before, and freaks out.

By the time I am on the rug the cat had retreated to a safe distance

- as far from me as she could possibly get, in fact.

So much for that, I think, as I reach for the camera with my free hand.

When I come close to the camera, I hear a soft snap and the flash goes off.

But I had not pressed the button.

Then it dawns on me. Static electricity had arced to the camera and caused the flash to discharge.

Thankfully, my camera was not damaged, but it is a warning about rugs and cats.

Maybe later there will be another chance to get a stock worthy shot of the cat.

Photo credits: Shvetic.

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