Interesting thing I noticed about my portfolio. Perhaps it is true of your portfolio too.

35% of my downloads come from 4% of my images (I'm excluding free images in my download count).

Boy, if I could only figure out what works on those 4% of my images - and could reproduce it on 100% of my images - wouldn't that be nice.

How about you?

Take the top 4% of your images (the top 4% that have been downloaded the most) - what percentage of your total downloads do those top 4% constitute?


Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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April 14, 2010


I experienced the same (even with models), and this is a general principle named after V. Pareto (aka 80/20 principle). More to read on Wiki Wikipedia article on Pareto principle

You have very nice pictures! (I liked the Swiss Alps the most) :)

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