staying home does not need to be boring

As those who know me, I move alot on business or on wanderlust to discover new cultures and because I enjoy learning about how the rest of the world once lived in ancient era.

But lately, I have not had that luxury to go away for the winter,

not even during the summer .

It can be boring to me, as I am itching to envision myself wheeling my luggage and grumpily waiting for my flight out of this city.

Some wise dude (or dame) once said, "If you can't change things, try changing" . So I tried just that, ie. making the best of what I have at home.

So here are some "Pictures from Home" , to name drop a Deep Purple tune.

Yawn,... quite honestly, I prefer "Leaving on a jet plane", (yawn) zzzzzzzz

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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Great expressions!


Have fun!


...... . . . . .that jet plane is still waiting :-)


Great photos! I like your model very much - sooo funny!!!!! :)))


I agree with Dianabahrin, home is a good place for taking pitcures! I help my husband(Nero67) in his studio photographs :-)
I like your traveller model, hi is very funny!!!
Bye, Francesca


Great photos!


Great images!!!


How right you are about changing. It's amazing how many
incredible things one can find right in one's own back yard -
seek and you will find!

Seeing the Buckminster Fuller geodosic dome in your photo
on the Ile Notre Dame reminded me of EXPO '67 when it
was totally glassed in and filled with the USA exhibition.
Great architectural masterpiece, the USA exhibit was not
up to the splendor of the dome itself, sorry to say. Sure wish
I had been a photographer for that Expo, it was really a
superb world's fair.


Very very very nice images, congrats my friend ^_^


Home is a great place for taking pictures.Most of my stock pictures were taken at home and I think it was a great way to use my creativity:)


Great images, congratulations.


One of my pics is called 'smoke on the water', and I am now singing Peter, Paul & Mary songs to myself. What a small world (but I wouldn't want to paint it...)


good pictures! have a nice day!

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