Steady and Slow but Good result

I started photography and graphics work in 2010. I never know about stock at that time. One of my friend me that he is using some other stock agencies for selling his work. I didnt believe him. But from internally I started to open account and upload photos on slow process.

I found it very slow process as in terms of income but now I am

feeling today very proud that my work is start paying me. I have uploaded my work in some other agencies but I like dreamstime most in terms of quality and approval and rejected with a valid reason not like with other agencies who rejected with abrupt reason.

Now I have started thinking and now work on more creative work. I get inspiration from dreamstime itself. There are lots of creative people, I see their work and think why did he took this shot or created after that I found its something interesting and it helps me alot in my work.

Now I found confidence and improvement in myself after joining it. I feel something different in me in terms of work, in terms of thinking, in terms of dedication.

Thanks to dreamstime

Photo credits: Pixelartistic.

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November 17, 2013


i agree. Good agency and nice people.

November 16, 2013


Thanks @laura...
thanks a tonne..
May I know your email id so we can share some guidance, creativity and the best knowledge...

November 15, 2013


Personally I love work with DT, in the beginning its always slow but, slowly but shortly you can see the benefits, as you said its important to be more creative, keep working and enjoy!

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