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In the beginning of April of 2014 I made the decision to try making money with my photography. I had always gotten many complements on the various social medium, so I wanted to see if anyone wanted to put money into it.

I attempted to apply my content to the three largest stock sites, and Dreamstime was one of them. I was pretty excited within one of my first uploads I got my first sale within a few days. So I made a larger effort to upload more of my content. While my other sales begin to expand on the other agencies, I was discourage to see that I had only still the same single sale from April for Dreamstime.

It was not until early this month that I finally got my second sale on Dreamstime, despite having over 100 images available. I don't quite understand the reason for the pore sales. I know that my work is suitable enough for be sold on other agencies. I only have a few guesses.

1) Dramstime customers are not interest in my content of landscape, nature, abstract, travel images

a) I could be that these are popular subjects but the it is saturated and hard to penetrate

b) Easy access to my content

c) Some of my pictures get a fare "view" but no purchase. This baffles me.

2 Poor keyword, title , description of the images

a) There was a change of the keyword adjustment that allowed articles and conjunction words to entered into the keyword which deletes the amount of searchable words

b) I am using the same metadata on the other sites

It could be other issues, but I just cannot understand them quite yet. Part of it could be an issue that I could not chance such as the search engine for Dreamstime for how content is displayed in order of the search.

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October 12, 2014


Thank you Martin for your commends! I appreciate you sharing your experience selling your work on Dreamstime. I also appreciate you offering your export eye for the keywording.

I do have a few pictures that have over 100 views, but still I am surprised of which ones have sold for me on Dreamstime. I am hoping that after a few months that they will get sean by a potential buyer.

I also wishy you the best for your endeavor for selling your work on Dreamstime!

October 04, 2014


Hi John, I do understand why you might feel a bit frustrated - even exclusive members like me sometimes ask the same questions ;) . I had a quick look through your portfolio and while there are many pictures which might not be really so stock orientated (same with my portfolio...) there are many pics which should sell. The views aren't really high yet - my top sellers need 50 views per sale and my 'normal' ones at least 100 - so I reckon you can't really compare the view numbers from DT to other sites. The other thing I realized - most of my pics start selling after they've been on the site for at least 3 months or more - so another reason you might consider to go on doing what you love doing and take photos, upload them and sales will for sure come because you are really talented in what you are doing. I also had a look at your keywording and it seems very professional done. Wish you all the best my friend! Cheers, Martin

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