Stepping on the path of stock photography

I must admit I am not the best photographer out there not am I giving the best submissions for sale. Yet I must say stock photography changed my perspective at taking photographs.

In the past I took so many photos, keeping them was good in a way but for a whole collection of street abstract they even mean a thing?

I don't have so much memory space on my hard disk! I dump them all to Flickr as an online hard disk. How cruel to the photos can I get?

Why not make something out of it. The spark came when I was browsing through forums and saw someone introducing stock photography. Giving it a try was discouraging at first but the painful step is the step to success. I saw myself demanding more standards from my own shots. Shoot what is necessary.

I might not have the best of studio set up or lighting but things and landscape in their natural state in the outdoor or indoor ain't bad either.

It becomes a commitment, something I look forward to despite knowing its a long term investment.

If any newcomer to photography was to seek improvement for himself, besides learning from the others, test yourself and standards. Stock photography is the way to go!

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August 20, 2007


Starting stock photography has made me look at pictures differently, too. Whenever I would take pictures, I always stopped and thought, "What does this mean to me?" and "How does this make me feel?" Now when I take pictures, I stop and think, "What could this be used for?" and "What would someone else think of when they see this?"
Asking just those last two questions has lead me into greatly improving myself as a stock photographer.

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