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I've said it quite a lot in the past that I am thankful to be blessed with a job that has literally taken me to a lot of places, and has given me unique opportunities to meet very interesting people....I still am thankful and will continue to be.

One such magazine assignment gave birth to a regular gig for me with a furniture design house. I can't really explain why I love this place....maybe it's the layout, or the designs... or maybe because the owner/designer is such a nice guy!

The showroom is basically a house furnished with all the pieces up for sale. They recently added a new feature to the place, a coffee shop and an outdoor lounging area. These are still part of the showroom since all the pieces here are for sale.

The photo above shows the lounging area surrounding the big tree and inside the building structure is the coffee shop.

I used three strobes to light this one. One strobe was placed inside the coffee shop, bounced unto the ceiling at 3/4 power. Another strobe was placed camera right, just outside the frame and aimed towards the somewhat "X" shaped seat in front. This strobe was zoomed at 50mm and set at 1/2 power. The last strobe was placed at camera left, behind the couch at left of the frame, this was aimed in the direction of the tree and zoomed at 50mm also at 1/2 power.

My exposure setting for this was ISO 400, 1/6 sec, f7.1. and white balance was AWB.

To view the blog, please visit it here

Hope this helps...happy shooting!


If you're a furniture design fan, you can visit their site and check out their awesome designs. It's

Photo credits: Junpinzon.
  • Junpinzon

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