Still life and home design... who's into it?

Hello dear people,

I really love still life and the way it combined with home styling and home decor.

I just had a very nice experience trying to photograph some of this great stuff, and think about the way people can use these images and ideas... well... that's a challenge.

Here are some images you may like. I had a great time taking them...

Thanks, and see ya next time


Glasses with seashells and grey smooth stones:

Glasses of rocks and sea shells

An enlargement of nice seashells in a bowl:

A bowl of sea shells close up

A bowl of seashells from above:

A bowl of sea shells

Photo credits: Roie Engel.
  • Sharkiboy73
  • Kokhav Yair, Israel

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June 07, 2017

Thank you very much !!!!


June 06, 2017

Good luck with your images...