Still-Life Photography

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Still-life photography demands a great deal of care and imagination. The rewards for a good still-life photographer can be enormous. A large percentage of the advertisement market uses still life photography images. A large portion of still-life images fall under the fine art photography class and could make a great extra source of income for an established photographer.

There are many ways to approach still-life photography - the best and most used by professional photographers is to spend days in a studio, arranging and rearranging the set up until they get it perfect. This is what it takes to create perfect still-life portraits. With practice and a great deal of patience you will find your own unique way. Most objects can form part of a still-life portrait. Objects from around the house or in the garden will make excellent still-life subjects.

A small studio can be assembled in a corner of a garage or bedroom, or on a fine calm day can be constructed outdoors. Some of the best still-life arrangements are quite simple to set up. The main rule to follow is to keep it simple. Placing too many objects in front of the camera will cluster the setting.

If you are interested in still-life photography try the following: Set up your studio beside a window. First pick a simple background - a plain drape or lace makes a perfect background. Using a vase or bowl as the main subject can make for an attractive still-life image. Take some shots using the natural light from the window. Take more pictures using low light - this can be morning or evening - place a reflector at the other side of the vase to soften the image and get rid of any harsh shadows.

Now compare the two sets of images. The difference between both images will be immense but tests like this will lead to creating a better eye and mastering the true art of still-life photography. The effort seems extreme but still-life photography requires a great deal of patience and practice. Trial and error will play an important part in developing a new skill. Happy Holidays and keep shooting!!

Photo credits: Elena Pazhina, Petr Vaclavek.


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January 27, 2009


The problem is that you need quite a lot of attempts to get good picture.
But it's definitely worth the effort. Great image!

January 27, 2009


Hi there, the Wine Still Life is from my portfolio and i took this in the night. I just use long exposition (30 seconds) and small flashlight and paint with the light of it. This method is called "Light painting" and is quite funny :) The problem is that you need quite a lot of attempts to get good picture.

December 23, 2008


Thanks for the tips. I definitely plan to attempt more still life photos soon.

December 23, 2008


I plan to try some of this one day, just for myself and family at first. Thanks for reminding me, I did need to do something my sister requested. I'll make a note.....

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!

December 22, 2008


Nice blog. Love the Evening Wine Still Life you chose to feature here. The Tulip and Apple is also a very country flavor still life.

December 22, 2008


Great article. Thanks!

December 22, 2008


Very cool ideas for adding diversification to ones portfolio -- and great ideas to practice when the weather prevents outdoor shooting. Thanks and best wishes! Cheers, Marilyn

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