Still svg to EPS convertion

Hi to everyone,sorry if still annoy you with the same problem. I wish to convert my svg files in EPS files for Dreamstime. well I use gimp for this convertion but I always receive from dreamstime the message that the files isn't a valid vector file. please someone could tell me if there is some particular rule in gimp for the convertion? I simply select save as from menu file, export the image and save it. if I open the image with photoshop the image seems regular with any dimension.... (:

Thank you for helping me


here someone of the refused images:

Photo credits: Gennaro Guarino.

Your article must be written in English



Shelled means "seghettato" (italian)?
When you open an EPS file with Photoshop the image is rasterized, this means that the vector is converted in a raster image. It is normal that you can't scale it at any size (200% for example) without loss of quality. You must open it with a vector software (AI for example) to check it.

Have you asked to the support what is the problem?
Anyway if the problem is the transparencies (in the EPS your black transparent=gray looks not gray, but black) you can see it with Photoshop.

Contact me with a private message if you want.

Bye, Rob.


tested the second image. saved with inkscape without transparencies and opened in photoshop with dimension 200 cm on the minor side, well, the border are shelled(for 100 cm on the minor side still is shelled but aceptable). when I open the original image with inkscape for every dimension the borders are perfect.


Just an example for the shadow on the right. Probably the color is black transparent (RGB: 0, 0, 0; A: 50) on white background. Select the shadow and click with the "contagocce" tool (F7) on it. Now the color is gray opaque (RGB: 205, 205, 205; A: 255).

What's the difference? The color you can see is also the same, but they are different. The first is black transparent (bad if you want an EPS), the second is gray opaque (good if you want to submit the EPS file).

If you do in this way, you can have an EPS file (without transparencies) to submit.

For the second image it is a little more complicated, 'cause the black transparencies are one over the other (there are at least 3 different gray). You must intersect the shapes and give them the color in the way I just described.

Bye, Rob.


both the images use the transparencies, often I use transparencies for the shadows. I'll try to work on the color.... but I don't know if I can submit as additional format there are some differences from the jpg image


Hello Gennaro!
I use Inkscape and I upload EPS files. I try to help you.

1) If you want to upload an EPS file, you must NOT use transparencies or blurs. For example in the left illustration, maybe you used transparencies for the shadows. Am I right?
2) If you use gradients (only opaque colors, no transparencies), you can create the EPS file through AI. (open SVG with AI, save it as AI and then EPS). If you "save as EPS" directly with Inkscape you'll have bitmap instead of vector gradients.
3) If you don't use transparencies, blurs or gradients, you can simply "save as" EPS with Inkscape.

Hope this helps. If something is not clear, don't hesitate to contact me again.

Bye, Rob (I'm italian too).


thank you, copy and paste in that forum :)


I recommend you post this on the Message Board in the Illustrator forum. You have more chances of receiving a fast reply there.

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