Still trying!

If Michaelangelo can say it - so much more can I!

2 more images accepted. Still none sold. But I'm learning, and trying. I'll keep uploading! And looking at the boards and the other photographers. So much to understand still.

Photo credits: Charles Sichel-outcalt.

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January 25, 2008


Your display of how you see the world is very respectful and you are doing well capturing your views. After viewing your port and reading your comments I would like to share this. Shooting art is very satisfying but commercial images sell. These are two different concepts. The majority of commercial images purchased are of everyday people and the issues they face. It is my opinion that once you take the plunge and shoot people images you will notice an increase in your sales. Best of luck.

January 22, 2008


As with all stock sites everyone says sales come with more uploads, and it looks like you are on the right path.

January 19, 2008


I looked at your profile your images are beautiful. Good luck to you.

January 18, 2008


Very beautiful bird!
Look forward to your first sale!

January 17, 2008


Your Chairs in Church shot is outstanding. Keep at it. It sometimes takes awhile to get sales.

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