Still using film



Blue sky

I got my first SlR camera about 17 years ago,That was a very cheap tool,made in china.But I very like it.For these years,I have used many camera,Nikon FM2,Nikon F100,Canon Eos5,Eos1N ,etc.

Beautiful lotus

Camp on the morning


2001,I got my first digital camera,The Nikon 995. 2005,my first DSLR,Nikon D70s. Digital camera is very convenience,But today,I also like take pictures with the film camera.I like use the Nikon F100,and Kodak 100VS slide film. I think take the picture with film was better than digital.Because,when you take photos with film,you will take more attention to how got good photo,than use digital camera do.

Photo credits: Lihui.

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January 06, 2009

I am a photographer in China,of course,your first pix I seen is"my house",is he your son?so cute!