Stock from the end of the world

If I reflect on my, still young, experience in the world of microstock, the first word that comes to mind is "confrontation."

I think it's the most important part of the challenge that everyone who comes into this world is facing.

Photographers all over the world converge on the web platform, not just for show, but to sell their images. I believe this is the true goal of a professional photographer. The salary for a picture, is the absolute and unequivocal evidence, that your image is loved and understood. this is not a simple relationship from photographer to customer. but you have been chosen from a purchaser from millions of images from thousands of stock photographers. This pushes you to be more up to date, to experiment with new creative solutions. and the impressive number of image, that sites like dreamstime offer, is so impressive and supported by purchases obtained from a picturethat I consider now the largest update site for the profession of a photographer, or creative multimedia. Me, Bruno D'Andrea, from a small Sicilian Village, almost at the end of the world, certainly the end of Europe, I am now in direct competition with photographers from New York City or from Moscow. This is the exciting part of this wonderful world that is microstock.

Photo credits: Bruno D\\\'andrea.

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