The stock game: feedback for everybody

© Farang
Did you notice anything different on dreamstime lately? It's the stock game. You can find it on your profile page on the right side just below the statistics.

Playing this game helps dreamstime, and it helps you a lot too. It's a lot of fun.

The main advantage when you play this game is that you become more acquainted with what really sells on dreamstime. Having two images side by side and finding which one has been sold will increase your ability to discover some principles of the successful stock image.

When you do a research and analyze different images you can underline some of the features for an ideal stock photo that sells. But with this game.. you can improve what you do in a research. Seeing so many images one after another... and making 10 choices every game played will carve those ideal features in your subconscious mind in a short period of time.. which is something you can't afford missing.

Your ability will start growing after you play at least 100 games (an average player finishes a game in 30-60 sec)... So go and have some fun...

Photo credits: Farang.

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July 29, 2009


it is a good game, but i dont have time to take new pics, never mind sit online and play games.. poor me!!! lol!

July 29, 2009


thanks I like this game

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