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© Maigi
© Maigi
We are creative artists. We like to create, we enjoy it. And we do it as occasionally or often we can and want. There's just something in our inner self what wants to come out and start to live its own life. And we love to let it out, to let it go. That's an enjoyable creative process. We like that process and often we like the result too. Well, sometimes we hate it too, and using our rights of creator just destroy it and start from the scratch. So if there wouldn't be anybody who would like our images, we still would do it. Just beacause of the enjoyable act of creation.

But of course it would be much more fun, when there are people, who like our work. Who enjoy seeing our work, like we like to create it. Actually I started to think, that I like to see others creative work, but I love more to see their creative process, how they mold and shape their work - I love live music, I love to work together with other photographers, I love to see the painter painting. But that's already another topic.

© Maigi
© Maigi
So, seeing our images in use is a sign that somebody has liked our image and found it useful or beautiful or both. And that's a very nice thing to know.

Finding your images in not very easy task, but not impossible also. There are several options how to find and locate your images, like Google Search, Bing Search, Google Books, Amazon, TinEye. The search is easier, if you have an unique username.

I made some searches and gathered screenshots of pages and publications with my images into Facebook page collection. You can have a look at them here: My Images In Use Collection

Lots of images of course don't end up on webpages or any electronic media. They are used on paper and prints. So I could never find all of them, but some I did.

© Maigi
© Maigi
Tips for finding your images:

1. If you are about to start stock photography, reconsider your username. If it's too common, ask support to change it. With unique name, you have less trouble to find your images.

2. Google with your username & agency name and your full name & agency name.

3. With TinEye, if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, install Tineye Plugin

[EDITED: Thanks Desi for the correction. :)]

Photo credits: Maigi.

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Thanks! I hope it gonna be soon.
Great photos!


This is a cool post. Once I sell some, I'll be sure and take this advice to heart.


You are welcome!


Great article. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for your comments, friends! Pavlos, I think there still is a field, where you can insert information, when you download an image, but designers don't use it much. Once DT made an experiment and forced buyers insert comments during download, but it ended up with a lot of nonsense on comment fields, so it quickly canceled. I understand that usually designers buy large amounts pictures, so they just don't have time. Maybe it's like wholesale. You can't stop on every item. You just collect them together and rush ahead. I don't know. Now I started to think, how many images I have commented on while downloading. Errr... maybe few... it feels kinda fussy to write on comment field: "for the desktop wallpaper", "to the card for a friend", "for future use", "for closer study" :) I guess there are million reasons why people don't write. Sometimes it seems so insignificant, though it might be a big deal for you, and you can be overjoyed that you found such a great image, but if you can't say to the artist: "For the cover of a popular magazine" or similar, then it could feel not such a big deal to declare.


Although its hard to find images its always worth the try.

Regarding printed images, a few times I had the agency send me copies of where the images where used.

It is always such a sweet feeling to see your work displayed somewhere and a great motivator to try harder. :)

Nice article and great tips on trying to locate our images.

Maybe dreamstime could assist us in finding them by providing an optional field where buyers can mention where the photo will be used and where it can be found and have that info passed back to us.


Nice article Maigi! Sooner or later I will find some of mine, too (but I'd better sell some first...eheh) :)))


:) Thank you, guys! No grrrs and errrs, that's how microstock works. You almost never find out where your images go. Sometimes you can be lucky, but not so often. But anyway, using different search tools increase the possibility to find your images.


It is always fun to find your image in use! I found some recently - antoher place to look is on


Thanks for the tips :)


Hee Hee, so I only have to sell another 428 to find one ;0))
Settle down Maen, no growling at Maigi! Behave yourself naughty boy ;))


You said hundreds!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR :))


So true. I think I started to find my images since I was sold some hundreds on different stock sites. Right now my finds ratio toward sold ones (over the 4 years) is 1:435. Not much.


Thanks for the info. Hope to find the few that i have sold.. still haven't found any yet so who knows where they have ended up! :)


Excellent article Maigi! Your images look great in use. Hope I can find one of mine :0)


But I'm sure he was happy :) If only you could see his smile. But maybe he sells tens of images per day and it's a pure business to him. "Oh yeah, there another goes..." I don't know. People are so different. Maybe it's really so, that hobbyists, to whom every images is very important, are more interested what's gonna happen with their "baby". And those who make business are just happy they have sold enough images to have bread on their table.


I agree with you Maigi and Creativei, but when it's done, a message to the photographer is fast and feels so good :)))
Now I will tell about the opposite, it happened that I sent the photohrapher a message on his image saying that I have used it here.., and the photographer didn't have any reaction :)))


Serious your blogs are a nice to read.
Well its right these things do happen last moment changes. Art director, boss, sales everyone at times messes up the design.


Thanks, Altaf, you have always such encouraging comments. I have thought also, that one reason, why designers don't write comments so often, is that it might happen this images he bought could be replaced by another design. You never know before publication is actually printed. Contributors ask: "Oh, great! Where it is, can I see it?!?!?!?!?!?!?" and they should explain: "Oh, well... err.. my boss... he had it replaced with other image or even other article..." And some designer might buy some images for future use.


Like always nice blog, I always like the way you introduce the blog. :-))
Well its always pleasure to find your image used by others.
Mani you are right, but you know my friend, we download more than 25 to 50 images a day and it will consume lot of time to post comments. And all the images we download are used in print magazines, and most of these magazines are online.
Well now on if any of the image downloaded from DT happens to be our cover image then surely I will post a comment or write a blog.


Oh, I forgot your names are hidden here ... that's why you searched for "Maigi". I should guess it .... :))))


Yes, Desi, you are right. If your full name is on your profile page, then I guess, on the download page the credit line of your images contains it. Or designers just check it out from the profile page. Since my real name is "confidential" (actually it's not, but I want to keep my images connected with my artist name), so credit lines contain my artist or user name. But when you have your full real name available on the site, it's good to use it on search engines. I added it to article. Thanks, Desi! :)


Great you've found some, Maigi! The feeling when you find your photos in use is great! Do you search "maigi + dreamstime" or "your name + dreamstime"? When I search with my username I can't find anything but if I try with my names I find some.


Nice article & I agree with Mani33!


Nice tips and photos!!
Also I encourage the buyers to inform the photographers when it's possible. I try my best to post my downloads on a blog here...

Cheers ;)

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