Stock market

Have you ever entered the stock market?It was a full of risks and exciting place ...

I never dare to trade stocks,even if is a very good period in the quotations, I have not entered the stock market either.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Thank you so much for your reply!

As a ripe stock owner and a ripe stock market,rational investment is very important!But some listed companies and investment companies cooperate each other, release some false news and cheat a lot of stock owners ....In China, once had had such case.

In addition, Trading stocks needs a good psychology,But I see a lot of stock owners have a very strong speculation psychology.


Trading stocks can be like gambling, as Creativei says. But, there's a difference between trading (short term) and investing in stocks. I have some stocks (not much), and they are quite down at the moment, but a couple are still worth more than what I put in during the last 5 or so years. Now may actually be a good time to invest since the prices are so low. It's like the bargain bin. However, it's still risky, of course. I'm more interested in long term solid companies that are also ethical. I never do day trading or anything like that. Anyway, I haven't invested anything in a long time. Now, I'm only investing in micro"stock" :) ! Fultonsphoto may have the right question. Also, many problems come from greed, which can be in anything, even micro"stock". We should always be wary of greed in ourselves and get rid of it quick.
By the way Linqong, those stock market images are great.


Thank you for your reply!
The world's financial crisis has also affected China, China's stock market is not good now.


With the global credit crunch currently being experienced, I have lost more money in 2 months than I have made in the last 2 odd years, so guess the answer is not to trade at the moment, but also wonder if this ideology is not what is currently adding to the current crisis?


Hi, Creativei:)
I agree with you!


Trading Stocks is like gambling, It will ruin you for sure. No one makes money unless you cheat. Well anyways good images, great, keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot, Aughty


I would not enter the stock market either if I had the images in your portfolio. Nice artwork.

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