Stock minded - boon or bane

Since I started to contribute photographs to dreamstime, I see a change in my shooting style.

Sometimes I wonder if I am deviating from a passion to one that is becoming a slight liability that I keep thinking that I shoot for what can sell.

My 'deleting' habit continues to strike me, right after a shot, reviewing the shots on my way home, and even more when I am doing the actual post processing.

In my quest for looking for what can sell and what is pleasing, I tend to blatantly delete what I think can't make it as a stock photo, or in many ways does not appeal to me.

Because of that, I don't take photographs of very simple things anymore. Things like a simple monument, a bridge or a scene in a place that I only first been to - all these I will tend to discard the pictures after taking them.

Am I losing interest as a photography itself or am I indulging too much into stock photography?

What about this image taken during an event itself? My immediate reflex action was to take him without the face. Boon or bane?

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October 01, 2007


haha, i got to hold back this disease of mine then! its getting the better of me..time for a cure, or maybe a slight one first *grins*

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Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.