Stock model in bad situation

An important question came to my mind, and I'd like to know your opinion with it...what about those situations, when you find your personal model (your child, your friend, etc.) in an inconvenient place?

I mean, you took a shot about your teen son in a dark room - and one day you got 20 dollars for the photo, you're happy - and then you see your picture in a drug advertisement, and your son seems like a narcotic junkie.

So, what should be the next step in this case? How can you keep your photos out of issues like this?

P.S.: that's why I never take recognizable photos about my family...I'm not so lucky anyway :D

Photo credits: Aginger.

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Thank you for your thoughts, Petroruth...I've never seen this stock-thing like this wishes you too :)


I think you should see your work as art. The designers for magazines or other venues look for what fits their needs. They do not see your contribution as mrs smiths little boy they see the image that describes their needs. So you did a good job. The next designer may see your image as a young man deep in thought perhaps the next Einstein. Keep up the good work and happy selling.


Very interesting - I have considered uploading photos of family - but had never fully considered them being used like that before. Yikes!

Ellen, good to see you back here again! I really miss your blogs!!!


Claudiofichera, it's a really good that case, when you know the buyer.

Thank you for your interesting comments and to share your experiences!

Mani33, Portugese people are much more lucky than Hungarians.. ;)


Last month I had the case described. A buyer called photos of indoamericans females eating bananas. I decided to ask what was the fate of photos. He did not reply. Then contacted me in private and insisted to the delivery date!! Dreamstime suspended buyer. what is the solution to the problem?Ask the buyer to upload the final result. All happy, I think...


in a few days I'll make a blog asking buyers tell where to use our pictures. I am waiting for a friend to translate English.


It reminds me of Friends when Joey was on a photo warning from sexual diseases. It was something like: And what Mario hasn't told you is..."
I wouldn't put there any photos of my friends and family because it could cause them some troubles even if they agree to be "sold" here.


I had a similar problem with another agency. A picture of my sister was used in an article related to sexual abuse in a good magazine. There is nothing much that can be done after the photo is used.


for`s just an image...nothing a model you slip into different situations - and - as a photographer you should respect that...I don`t care about that...
..of course..its a little weird to find your "own child as a junkie"...but maybe tomorrow you will see him as the "the lost boy short before a marriage with a little princess" ;-)


If you have any doubts at all that a photo of a model may be used in a way that will upset you or the model, you should not submit it. Period.

Inexperienced photographers sometimes fail to explain to the model that their photos could be used in any way (including those prohibited by the EULA=people sometimes don't follow the rules).

Best to assume the worst and act accordingly.


I agree with Alexhor, the best is not to take them if we doubt the use!
But also I want to say that those sick people that uses images for inadequate issues are also hidden like pirates & crackers so not even DT or any commercial identity could get them with out the help of the authorities!
Even so it's not that simple other wise we won't have those blogs & oficial sites of terrorists & pedofile... etc.
Any way Aginger I think life with no bad obsessions is much better ;)



I don't look at an advertisement and think that is real life for that person. I have always thought - they used a model. If it was something used for sex site or sensitive in that nature then I would pursue it with Dreamstime as they do have some protections.


It's a fiction from my mind yet, but it's not impossible...Alexhor, thank you for your comment, too, this should be useful in a similar situation...


I don't have much photos with models but it'll be really nasty if that what you write about happen!


Interesting question. I think you can't do much to fully protect your model except simply not take the photo. Although there may be some protection. Here is excerpt from Terms of use for buyers:"...Any license granted by Dreamstime shall not constitute a representation that an Image is compatible for use with any other material. You are solely responsible for the use of any Image in combination with any other material, and you agree not to use Images with sensitive topics without Dreamstime's separate written agreement. Such sensitive topics include, but are not limited to: models with mental or physical health issues, social issues, sexual activity, sexual orientation or related, substance abuse, crime or other subjects that can be considered to be offensive or unflattering to any of the models included in the image.
You must contact Dreamstime for additional information prior to any use of an Image with any sensitive topic....". I guess this may at least partially clear things up but the problem is still tracking the use of the images.

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