Stock or personal photos?

As I've started to get some sales, I've started analyzing my downloads to make sure I focus (at least as far as uploading) on what I'm selling, to some degree. What I've found surprised me: my sales are evenly split between photos I take specifically for stock, and those from my more personal shots that happen to be candidates for stock.

For example, my last four sales are split between shots I took for the shot (personal), and shots I took for stock specifically. The brick wall and street sweeper being ones I wouldn't haven taken for my own use, and the New York and Victoria shots being ones I took for myself, without the thought of stock sales.

I'm taking away two things from this:

1. Taking shots specifically for stock is turning into sales.

2. Shots that appeal to me personally have some sales value as well - in other words taking the shots I enjoy taking is worth doing for both personal reasons AND stock sales!

Don't take this to mean I don't enjoy taking the shots specifically for selling - I'm just happy that both have turned out to be rewarding!

Which do you focus on - stock specific or more personal shots?

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August 18, 2008


Nice theme. I thought about that too. I will try to make both pictures, for sale and the ' pretty' pictures. I saw a simple picture/illustration like trash can with lots of downloads. I think WE must think like buyers BUT like ordinary people too, people that like nice and powerful photos.


August 15, 2008


I make pictures mostly for my friends and family. And for experiments :). But sometimes when I feel my sales on microstock are stuck or I need support for my travels or equipment, I focus on stock photography and graphics.

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Photo credits: Brad Calkins.