Stock Photographers: What Should You Be Photographing?

** Disclaimer: Before I begin, I need to make it clear that none of the stunning images contained in this post were taken by me! **

I read somewhere this week that cassette tapes are going to be making a comeback in 2016. This got me to thinking about the sort of images that are likely to be in demand this year too.

Vintage Cassette Tape

Technology is always in high demand, and so it is logical that photos, vectors and illustrations of technology should also be. Even though I know this, and I like to think I'm not totally stupid, I don't know why I haven't capitalized on this knowledge and focused my shoots on tech, both new and old.

Android technology

I started to search the @Dreamstime stock library to see what sort of images sell well and are in high demand. The results were staggering! There are some seriously talented artists out there that at the moment I know I can't compete with. To pay homage to their work, and maybe even help boost their sales, I have started to compile a new collection which I hope you will find as mind-blowingly brilliant as I do.

Young business woman touching future web technology buttons and

Hit the link. Be inspired. Get creative. And maybe, just maybe, you can boost your sales by including some technology images into your portfolio. Maybe I will be smart enough to follow my own advice...well, that's another blog post!

Kid Looking at Laptop, Child with Notebook, Little Boy Formula

Image Credits: @Inarik @Ra2studio @Andreus @Ginosphotos

Photo credits: Andreus, R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterfree, Llc, Inara Prusakova, Ratz Attila.

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Hi Qiwoman01 thanks for your positive comments. I wonder if what you experienced was that search for authenticity which designers are crying out for these days? I'd be really interested to hear what brought you back to stock photography and whether or not you have a strategy for shooting - perhaps a blog post for you to write :)


Thanks to everyone who commented on this blog post! I have only just realized that I hadn't responded to each of you as I usually would, so apologies for that!! I really do value your comments :)


Great post! I am just returning to stock photography after a five year hiatus. It's interesting to see what images in my portfolio sold well and which ones stalled while I was otherwise occupied. Oddly enough, most of my top-sellers are not the images I carefully planned and set up, they're ones that 'just happened'


You are lucky to live in Cornwall home of biosphere, water skiing, wonderful harbours. I am desperate to bring my cameras to Cornwall.


documenting technology in a RF world is more difficult than it seems. I try to stay away from stuff that will trigger a rejection based on copyright issues. Then there is the erasing of logos and trademark which sometimes can be tricky. But thanks for the post. Gave me something to consider.


'Vintage Cassette Tape" is a so common subject. But it brought you much income. Thank you for sharing this algorithm.


Awesome collection! You are right about the many talented artist on Dreamstime! I love to spend time just admiring their creations!


This is insightful! Thank you for taking the time to research and put this together :)


Great post Jennifer!
And, well, think about what you are interrested in, or your concerns, or your profession, or hobby, or what you got close where you live - i bet that you got something special. And everything doesnt need to be commercial. Theres a lot of image-needs: for blogs, for non-profit, for education or what ever :-)
And, your images are great!


Great post. Thanks!!!


Thank you for sharing your ideas. All the best for your Dreamstime journey.

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