Stock photography and mobile photography

I'm starting to upload some images took with my phone during my travels or journeys... surprisingly found a million pictures laying in my phone camera roll that could be of stock interest.

So, I tried with one of them that is the entrance of a themepark in Sicily, and put as editorial.

Etnaland water park entrance

And here it is: it was not postproduced in any way, simply as clear as it came. No color correction and no effects added on it. Simply the shot! And I have a million more on my Cloud space where to pick a commercial intended picture...

Also, I found that acceptance time is very short when uploading from mobile. One day maximum. What do you think about stock photos from mobile? It can be useful when you have not your camera at your disposal and in particular occasions... don't you think?

Photo credits: Debora Teresa Gattuso.
Debora Teresa Gattuso
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  • Reggio Calabria, Italy
I'm a Veterinary Surgeon and Labrador Breeder, passionate photographer of everything regarding nature and its expressions.

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June 03, 2022

I have uploaded more than thousand images on stock photo and dreamstime. Maximum of them shot on iPhone and feel confident with my iPhone photography in addition to Nikon series


April 23, 2016

I take most of my stock images on my iPhone. I find the camera on iPhones to be really good quality for quick snaps!