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Time is passing and our world is getting modern .Now technology is advanced everyone can buy a decent camera and enter the stock world .But what if you got nothing earned even after 3 months surely you will be disappointed .

Every one want to earn money through stock but there are many many others trying same most people ask how much money we can make trough stock agencies let me tell you

20 below average photo can make 0 to 1 $/month

(luckily if anyone download them mistakenly )

20 average photo can make 0 to 5 $ /month

20 good photo can make 5 to 20 $/month

20 excellent photo can make 20 to 50 $/month

but 20 photo that have excellent advertising skill can earn you

100$ /month and they will be consecutive for 4 or 5 years

SO theme of stock agencies is advertisment keep one thing mind while taking pictures What will that picture advertise

i am sure 90 % pictures sell for advertisement so

Advertise something decently and make money with your photos

You can see many pictures having 100 -200-500 even 1000 selles just one picture .think y that picture you want money than sure you have to show some skills as there are more than many others in this world with some thing better than you .sure descent Buyer buy the best thing.

regards M ANEES KHAN

Photo credits: Muhammad Anees Khan.

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January 19, 2014


I've been here three years and my most downloaded image has 27 downloads. I've had some images downloaded a bunch of times but only for subs and others downloaded just a few times but for ELs. 2,500 images in my port yet I don't even hit the min payout each month.

January 17, 2014


I haven't seen a picture on DT yet which makes $ 100/month. That would mean it would have to sell every month 40 to 50 times - I reckon it's more important to build up a big and good portfolio, get your own style and with that your fans and with that your sales. Most important for me is that photography is something I love doing - I'm not taking photos just for making money.

January 13, 2014


I don't know where you get your figures from but uhm..... good luck with that. If you get a subscription purchase at 42 cents, it takes a lot of downloads to reach those figures. There are also over 20 million photos here as well so competition is fierce. From personal experience, I would say new beginners should start out with realistic expectations and accept the small victories to start with while 'getting their eye in' for what is good stock. I agree you shouldn't under estimate editorial images either these are some of the easiest (and more fun) to start with when you are out and about.

January 11, 2014


I'm going to sell pictures for advertisement .. if this get more money.

January 09, 2014


Nice to see that editorial is doing so well. i have the same experience. My editorial sales are starti g to get more and more. But there are situations when somebody looks for image for an article that editorial prefered because of the reality....logos...people doing real things. Dont see editorial as second rank. It has also advantages. I sold image where a client looked for polish bicycles. The editorial version shows brand to make clear it is polish bicycle. if i would not had this editorial image i would miss a sale. client looked for specific editorial image. so they are very inportant. There are lots of editorial clients out there.

January 09, 2014


thanks all for reading and advising

January 09, 2014


I would say that good selling photos reflects the demands, the needs for illustration.
Not only in advertising. Why should anyone use my photo, and for what?
In my case, 60 percent of sales are editorial images...
Sure, they would perhaps sell much more with model releases or property releases but in many case it´s impossible to get these. Most important is that someone is willing to pay for them.
It´s still possible to sell images (on a different - much higher - pricelevel) the traditional way but then you must be very unique or in great demand...
Patience, work, work, work :-)
Cheers! Per

January 08, 2014


Thank you so much for your kind information and advice to improve selling photos.I would be encouraging me.
Thanks again,

January 08, 2014


Your sign board has good commercial prospects. Good luck......... follow your own advice and you will prosper ! David .

January 08, 2014


Beautiful images! Your image ID 36305531 is cool for example! Keep uploading! Keep shooting and editing! Patience! Sales will come! Try to diversify your portfolio! Good luck!

January 08, 2014


very well said anees

January 08, 2014


yes patience and persistency

January 08, 2014


It needs indeed hard work. Nobody can expects with handful images lots of money. There are agencies out there where people still pay hundreds of dollars for a photo. Because of the lower prices here we have the advantage of having far more costumers. Use it and come with same images quality as traditional stock agencies. Its the combination of quality, quantity, variaty and patience. Keep on working and we can get there.....

January 08, 2014


Well said Anees! Your blog brings our attention back to the most important aspect of stock photos and i.e. commercial ! Thanks!

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