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Hi there my fellow contributors, it happend to me as an amateur photographer I realised that since I had got into stock photography which I find exciting, appealing and even addictive (ok, also boring, slow and dull somehow) I nearly quited taking my favorite photography such as B/W landscape, fine art and subjective documentary photography as these are not most suitabled for stock. Now I have found it missing to me and I have promised to cheer up and enliven the little artistic soul inside me by putting off the "stock hat" whereable possible; I have become a member of local photo club, I would like to dedicate more of time to photo art magazines and books again, all this because that is what touches me and what had brought me to photography.

Now I wonder how you deal with this yourself, what is stock photography for you, if you balance it with your own photography interest or if stock is what made you take photos and to which you dedicated wholy. I will be glad for your inputs.

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June 09, 2011


sorry i never got to respond to your comment (like my breathing girl in pink) for one of my blogs. it's been a long time i checked , ..
so belated note of appreciation.
good to see you're doing extremely well . and definitely too, you found a niche . cheers.

February 16, 2011


I wanted to write a similar blog describing the changes I went through since I got this microstock bug in my system.
I once loved photography :) I photographed at leisure everything I thought was interesting and fun. Never worried about noise, model release or property releases.

Now when in a trip instead of enjoying the scenery I am obsessively looking for the most original angle for photographing some objects that most other normal people would leave alone. All the time I am mulling over keywords. In trips with friends I stay behind for longer times to take that "important" photo then run to catch up with them. I carry the stupid heavy tripod in my backpack. Sometimes I am not even using it. I always carry the camera, and the tele and the flash. Many times I leave all the stuff it in my backpack when everybody else takes pictures at 12 o'clock at noon.
I spend many hours in front of the computer "playing" with my photos. This after all day long at work I am sitting behind a 24" monitor. My wife hates microstock.

But I would not have it otherwise. I went to a photoclub two month ago. Once I was a member in a similar club. I could not stand it now. It seemed boring and the photos were boring and people were boring and the lady critiquing was boring. The food was nice though. Still I never went again and I realised I can't get back to that type of photography.

February 14, 2011


I think you can do it all really. From family snaps to fine art. If your image fits into stock.... well that's sweet. If you enjoyed the image creation part... great as well. Not stock worthy.... No worries. Enjoy it all, or shoot the things you enjoy. Like your work, Cheers- Dave

February 14, 2011


Hi Merryll Same happens to me, most of my attention comes to Stock photography, now. What I have done in my past two trips is to take as many images as I can, always thinking this will be for stock, this will be for myself (family) and this will be for art... It is hard but is has worked, the problem is to explain this to the people I travel or that I am with...

February 14, 2011


Hi, I find myself a little bit in a similar way: as a wildlife photographer you know
that stock photography wants isolated, well-lit subjects with little or no clutter around, say leaves branches etc.
Personally I like the artistic images with "the hidden eye starring out of the wilderness" and so on. Well, I spare my artistic
pictures for the nature photography associations which appreciate this type of work..
Congrats for your great work!

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