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Well, in all of my research about stock photography I have found that it is a hit and miss kind of experience so far. In my experimenting with what will and will not get accepted I have been very surprised. With my surprise it has actually steered me towards types of photography I had previously not paid much attention to, which is a fun and learning experience. I really had not experimented with portraiture and had been far more of a landscape and travel photographer; but seeing sales with portraits I have been experimenting more. I am also amazed at how much more attentive I have been with the technical side of photography which I believe is one of the most important things you can possibly do with your photography. To have a thorough understanding of all parts of your camera and the settings on it is just a important as your understanding of exposure. Anyways, I have definitely enjoyed my time here thus far and I cant wait to upload more! Thanks.

Photo credits: Norman Pogson, Sai.chan, Nolan Evans, Dana Rothstein.

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Thank you so much for compliments! Everyone needs it to keep going!


Nice web site and nice work keep it coming to DT.


very beautiful pictures - I like ;-)


Thank you all so much for your encouragement!


Welcome to DT! Nice photos so far! Keep uploading and have fun!


All so very true good luck.


Good luck!


Hi Vanessa, welcome to DT, you are correct in that this is addictive, and also that it teaches you to relook aspects of photography once forgotten because we tend to stick to our prefered choice of photography i.e. landscapes etc...Have fun and good luck...


Welcome to Dreamstime! You have a really nice portfolio.

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