Stock Photography Secret 1

Long before in a magazine I saw a security camera Ad. It has a picture of room, interior was out of focus but an ant stealing a large piece of bread was well focused. After I jumped into Stockphoto industry that Ad revealed me a big secret.

When you get a lot of energy and start thinking about your career or easy money in stock photography. Well you understand later that it’s an ocean that you have jumped into. It’s difficult to earn your share as most of giant photographers with exceptional gears and stuff do not leave much room for you. I do not want you feel disappointed. I will tell you the secret that I have not seen in any article, websites’ blogs or video. All they would say, take lot of pictures & keep uploading, take photos that have stock value, sharp photos, gears, techniques etc What if you cannot afford expensive gears, extensive travel, setup your studio or hire models. I’m not saying these are bad ideas. But we have to fight with the weapons we have. Here is my secret that I’ll be implementing into my next projects as I’m also new to this industry. For example at see the photos and categories which are selling better (many download counts). Make a file with popular keywords (big list) like success, enjoy, happiness, family, education, feelings, struggle etc

For example when I think of a keyword like care or help I can just take a photo of kids’ hand holding aged women or man’s hand with out-of-focus green belt road behind it. The best picture is the one which have a hidden message inside it. Always think about when you plan to take an awesome shot. Well I’m not an English guy and hopefully you have got my point. Looking forward to know about your ideas.

Ancient Shalimar Garden Lahore - Pakistan

Photo credits: Habibullah Nawaz.

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January 13, 2017


Matthew your images are good. Just capture variety of images that have commercial value. Popular or unique places whose images are not available. Think why designers or people will buy your images.

January 13, 2017


Been on here for a while now. I get very little views and no downloads.. any suggestions what changed for you?

January 22, 2016


Hi Habibullah , good suggestion! I would also add a hint not to get disappointed too quickly and learn from your mistakes and continue to improve! I've been on dreamstime for 5 years now, first 4 years were really slow, I didn't get many pictures approved or sold, but it's changed in last year, and actually recently managed to buy my first cool lens for earnings made on dreamstime. I know it may take another few years to buy next gear from stock photography, and there are more efficient ways to make money, but despite it being time consuming, I find it also good learning path on the way to better pictures.
So, don't get discouraged too quickly! Cheers! ;-)

January 19, 2016


I am here because I enjoy photography, and not necessary follow the stock photography trends. For me this is a hobby, not source of income, otherwise it would not make any sense. As you said, this is the ocean in which is difficult to be found. Nevertheless, I am glad that some of my images are found and represent some value to be downloaded. This is my secret.

January 19, 2016


The thing that is depressing is that 30,000 new photographs are added each day and mine may be number 29,999. Buyers will never find it! Too many people, too many photographers, too many pictures!

January 18, 2016


Very interesting , thank you.

January 18, 2016


Good tip, and I would add "find your niche". See wich ones of your own uploads sell better and explore it.

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