Stock photography for Sony/ Minolta Users

A blog dedicated to my experiences using both Sony and Minolta and 3rd party lenses on my Sony DSLR's (A350 and A700). I hope to provide some insight into what kinds of newer as well as older lenses are good for stock photography.

For example, this image below was taken with my A700 and a Minolta MD 50mm F1.7 with a macro MD-AF adapter and a +4 diopter. The whole set-up cost me about 50.00 and does a pretty good job with macro images. This one was shot at F22.

For those who want a decent quality macro option without spending the bigger bucks on a dedicated macro lens, this is a good option. My cost breakdown was:

Minolta MD adapter: 30.00

Minolta 50mm F1.7 lens: 5.00

Tiffen +1 +2 +4 49mm diopter set: 5.00

Be sure to get the macro version of the adapter (no glass element). It can only be used for close focusing, but gives the best image quality.

© Eppic

Photo credits: Timothy Epp.

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For lens recommendations, it really depends on what you are shooting. One really great resource is the excellent lens review database at for all Sony and Minolta AF lenses.


What other lenses do you reccomend for Sony A700


Poor man's macro, I love it. I got a set of diopters filters I will dust off and tryout with digital imagery. Thank for sharing.

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