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Bamboo forest

Doing Corporate and Entrepreneurial training as a private consultant is a challenging an lonely road. Basically, I compete with the "big boys" and have to find ways to differentiate myself. I have to find a path that will land me at the same destination, following the well trodden path yet, venturing into the unknown. How do you find a new path along a tried and tested journey? What makes you stand out when you're the small fry in the marketplace? When do you make a different move while wanting the concrete tried and true ending? And what makes the difference between your product or service from anyone else's. My solution is to Tell a story! And what's the best way to start a story? I'll give you a hint.... A picture is worth a thousand words.

My business, Beyond Story Training & Consulting connects passion business stories with profit. We train entrepreneurs and teams to find their best story for successful outcomes. So imagine me, having to find my own business success story to prove my method works. That's where stock photos came in.

Most trainers create heavy word-based PowerPoints to teach team building, management skills and other corporate tools. It sickens me sometimes to see participants reading through the words on PowerPoints as the trainer tries to teach the lesson. Enter Beyond Story where we teach the importance of story to build successful platforms and show it through pictures. I use a photo of the cookie monster to explain how stories are easy to digest. A photo of a beautiful landscape to express how stories give a visual and auditory sense of being there. You get the picture -- stories are more powerful when using images.

Finding Dreamstime helped make my stories and presentations "pop" with power and passion. Instead of participants reading through the pages of my PowerPoint notes they're looking at the images and graphics on the screen while I share the story of how the image relates to a Team Building or Appreciative Inquiry message that I'm teaching.

Find your voice through story using images that relate and connect with your audience. You'll find your passion can take you to your profit center if you follow the path of your own story. It's all in the story you create. Take your individual journey using words and images and see how you connect your passion to your profit center!

By the way, as I continue to move forward with my business, I'd love to be a guest blogger for Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Publicdomainstockphotos.

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