Stock Rank Addiction

Friends, if anyone knows how to keep themselves out of stock rank game, please share. I started playing every day and it kills too much time. The game is clever and short. as it ends, i always pushing "play again" over and over again and everything starts from the beginning..

Sounds like an addiction. Do I have a problem, or is it temporarily? I do love the game, but i don't want to spend my life selecting nicer images..

What should i do?


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March 10, 2010


well,hope it's just a moment and as someone has already said: go out for some pictures,you'll enjoy it even more! :)

March 09, 2010


Let's see :) If it is really for a moment - I will finally go out and buy some flowers for my Mom for Mothers day that actually was yesterday... LOL

March 09, 2010


I think it is just for moment:)

March 09, 2010


I think you'll better go out there and make some photos. And simply stop playing.

March 09, 2010


You are right) Good to know it s not only me who feels chained up and Dreamstime addicted. :)

March 09, 2010


it's a drug game! But after some day you can be able to stop... think about all the pictures you'd like to upload it's a sort of drug producing pictures too, isn't it? ;)

March 09, 2010


Sounds scary, Brad! )
Perhaps I should figure out how to set up firewall and put a restriction on accessing the stockrank

March 08, 2010


The feeling will wear off after you make it to the top ten list - only 2,000 games to go :) The scary part is that after playing 2,500 games, and seeing 50,000 images you'll have visited less than 0.5% of the DT database!

March 08, 2010


I know the feeling :)))
But I left it since it was glitching so much! Since then I stopped!
Great to learn from it & watch out your score cause you can't reset the game :)

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