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Absolutely great addition to DT is new game/tool Stock rank. You are presented 10 random pairs of images from DT database. One image has no sales and one has at least one sell. By clicking on the image you must "guess" which image has sales. You can play Stock rank here.

At first, the game may feel like lucky guess game. At second view it looks informative in the way to show what sales and what don't. But the answer is somewhere in between. In some guesses you are pretty sure and sometimes you may be surprised. With time you may learn and inspire your mind.

I played 300 games, and get the rank 20 with 76,84% correct guesses. This is average of 7-8 correct guesses out of 10.

What I would like to point out is that this game really is a great tool. At many places on DT you can find which topics sells and which doesn't, but I fell more fun learning things this way. After 300 games played and 3000 pairs of images seen, a can recognize some patterns which are not 100% true but shows pretty stable trend of winners between pairs

- health care, helping elders, happy couples, business meetings and family images

- designs, business cards, letter backgrounds, greetings/holidays/party cards

- strong concepts, metaphors and clear messages

- funny and cute cartoons

- body parts and body schematics

- nice half naked man, and pretty girls

- people in action (writing, computers, cuisine)

- fruits and vegetables, food

- nice interiors

- ecology

- images of people with empty spots for text

I figured out that if any of above topic is one of the pair it will win the other in most cases. The condition here is that image must be technically correct and nice, sometimes you may have two strong topics in pair and then you decide by your visual taste. It surely doesn't mean that one topic is better then other but may be more "hot".

I also noticed that there are lots of girls and woman offered but they don't win every time. I guess this topic is overdone. If you shoot woman, It really need to be outstanding shoot of, not just pretty face.

The "Stock rank" theories may unfold even further in the future, but the game has a perfect sense. You can easily see the logic behind it. Even you have limited time for each answer, you can put yourself in buyers mode and when you see two images look at the topic itself for each of them. If you see night sky and woman legs then think: if you would buy night sky is this sky good enough to be bought? If you would look for woman legs is this the best of the collection? A little help here is that one of the images is not sold at all.

So which of two doesn't fulfill criteria within its theme?

The two images cannot be simply compared because they usually belong to different worlds. It is like comparing oranges and apples. You must not think if the orange is better then apple, but rather is the orange better representative of oranges then apple is representative of apples. If anyone was searching for orange, did he buy this particular one? If anyone was searching for apple did he buy the one you see? So, sometimes you may see that one image is much prettier relative to the other, but buyer never saw those two images together in search result.

That is why I like this game and why I consider it so addictive. Also by all misses you can learn the trends.

Do I earn more money as a designer then you earn as a teacher? This is simple evaluation of me between designers and you between teachers. It may lead to the decision what to become in the future and what kind of.

In our case, what to shoot next.

And please, don't read this article strictly. You can never guess 100%, not all this theory is absolutely true. There are many surprises and deviations. But still some blurred patterns become obvious after time.

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Raymond Gregory.

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i like it


i like this game too, its very informative actualy!

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