Stock Sinners, Repent! The Stock World Is Ending! Repent!

O! Bretheren! Judgment of thy Stock World is nigh! Are thou preparest to meet thy Reviewer when Stock as we know it descends into the Pit of Fire? It is no longer 2005, my Bretheren, the days when any image could be slapped onto thy internet and wouldest sell. The End is coming! The Judgment when thy Stock World will have but one too many PRETTY SMILING GIRL. DreamsTime has reachest 9 million images and will soon explode into Darkness as the Apocolyspe begins. The hand of thy Stock God will smite all sinners!



Bretheren, the Stock World has become too saturated with similar images and ideas. O, Yes! We have all sinned! I too am guilty! Do we all not go on vacation and upload the same images?



Do we think that doing what others do will generate sales?



Heed, thy flock! Uploadest one too many PRETTY SMILING GIRL and thy database will leave one foresaken of why thouest hath no sales! Is this the path to Sales?

© Yannp



Yea, but Salvation is at hand! There is a path for sinners to seek redemption!



As the Day of Judgement casts all sinners into the burning Hell of duplication, mediocrity, and Same-Ol Same-Ol, only those who have been Saved will findest everlasting Sales!



Seeketh the Light, O Bretheren! Findeth your Imagination and Ingenuity! Readeth thy good book on Photo Editing, Drawing, and Illustrating! Seeketh the Goodness of Uniqueness and Original Concept and ye shalt findeth sales! This is the path to Stock Heaven in a world of sinners!



Now let us readeth thy Ten Commandments:

1. Thou shalt worship the only true Stock site, DreamsTime.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of thy Reviewer in vain.

3. Thou shalt remember thy Reviewer taketh days off.

4. Thou shalt honor thy Father and Mother of thy Model.

5. Thou shalt not kill Stock with noise and flash shadow.

6. Thou shalt not commit unadulterated spamming.

7. Thou shalt not steal keywords.

8. Thou shalt not bear false keywords against thy image.

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Model.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's portfolio.



Now comes my favorite part: Passing around the collection plate. Please maketh all checks out to "Wisconsinart." :-)

© Jgroup

Photo credits: , Aronbrand, Svetlana Privezentseva, Asta Plechavičiūtė, Wael Hamdan, James Steidl, Joe Stone, Galyna Andrushko, Kurhan, J Vd, Paddington34, Maxim Kulemza, Wisconsinart, Yann Poirier.

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you great, I may have broken the 2 nd comandment but in not knowing his name does that really count!




Hatcheckgirl as always is the voice of reason. Agreed. I am always looking for new shots of the same subject. In other words, if you're looking for a shot of a pretty smiling girl, you don't necessarily want to use the same shot that's already been used 100 times. New is good. Different angles are good.

Oh and BTW buying a book on illustration instantly makes you and illustrator, no other talent or skill required, it's just that easy. (sarcasm).


Brilliant! This was a fun read...nicely done :)


Great blog :)) Here's my contribution for the collection plate :D Money background 


Ha! Very funny post...but allow me to disagree with some of your points -

1. The stock world is not ending! Be not afraid of creative destruction - we are simply in the midst of a shifting paradigm...embrace it!

2. After many years in the stock business - this I know for certain - the market for smiling girls, businessmen shaking hands, cute fruit and shots of the Eiffel tower is *bottomless* - it will never dry up....celebrate it!

3. It is no sin to check out someone else's keywords - you get good ideas and it promotes consistency in cataloging throughout the site - better for customers, thus, better for it!

5. Originality is good, but so is tradition - the soul of stock is not edgy. Think "the familiar, seen with new eyes" and you will do well...go for it!

4. Lastly, definitely worship at the altar of Dreamstime - it's the best site around...yeah!


LOL Rosenn!


He he he....That was a fun blog post.
Thanks, nick


:))) Very funny!


That is a good one, and the ten commandmends are superb.
So shall it be written, so shall it be done.
Now show us your staff........... want to see if you can turn it into a serpent.


LOL, here we go, a gold coin donation from me (courtesy of my friend Batmaen)
 Euro e-payment 


Amen Brother !


Wow..... Amazing blog.... I'm shocked.... : )


LOL! You just forgot to sign as "Gandalf" - The Lord of The (Sin)... :P
I agree with some points! ;)

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