Stock or street Photography ?

What I like most, is to walk on the streets of little villages or in desolated places and find who we rarely meet in our daily life.

This is really very exciting. To talk to them and understand what these people do and how they live and capturing their photos makes me feel really great as if I achieved to discover the new life styles.

What I want to mean , I find this kind of photography is very emotional , exciting and artistical.

At the other hand, when I started to capture stock photography in a well controlled environment, I felt that I started to loose these emotions. ( I think I have to ! )

I think stock photo needs a more realistic manner rather than enthusiastic one.

I think beginners in stock photography like me must learn to be more patient and calm when working on a stock photo. At the other hand street photography can give us to capture some stock photos too but I think it s a very rare situation.

Thank you very much for reading.

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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December 12, 2009


I'm having trouble separating stock from my other photography at times. I really need to get out regularly and shoot my own stuff just for me or I start to view everything from a stock point of view. It's a strange situation to be in :0)

December 12, 2009


you are very right - especially if you like to be creative with your shots - sometimes it's not what stock is looking for - it took me over a year to get to grips with stock photography and i'm still learning

December 11, 2009


I subscribe to your thoughts, Serdar. Street photography is amazing and very relaxing for me too

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