Stock-Tuitiveness: The First Paycheck

Friends, I'm excited. I'm only 25 cents away from my first payout. Granted, I am a low producer here on Dreamstime, but I love it. I'm certainly not the model of productivity, but maybe an affirmation for the benefits of "stock-tuitiveness."

Dreamstime has given me a much needed outlet. In my youth, I had always held an idealistic notion that I would end up being a creative professional, but I capitalized on a different skill, and eventually - my dreams had made way for my life instead. That's not a bad thing, but there was definitely something missing. This is it, and it makes life as a whole "better."

With each milestone, there comes a stronger notion of wanting to do things better, or be more productive. I'm hoping that I answer that urge with positive results. How about you? Is your success or that of others filling you with the desire to do more? I'm hoping for some dramatic improvements in my quality and productivity this year. We'll see how it goes.

I wish you all continued success.

Photo credits: , Jonathan Whitney.

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Thanks, all... I'm almost in awe... I submitted my request for the payout last night, and this morning the money was already in my PayPal account. You just can't get faster service than that.


Congratulations, I hope to reach my first payout soon too.


(@Creativei) Yes. That's precisely what happened. Thank you.


I owe many thanks to everyone who has ever purchased an image from me, but tonight, a special thanks to someone out there who pushed me over the hump... woo hoo!
Image 6662817 did it.


Much appreciated. Thank you!


Congrats, keep going, and wish you success at DT, by the way did you cross that magical mark, 100 USD,




Thanks! Good way to start the year.

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