Stock Video Collections 2014

End of 2013 Dreamstime had decided to bring on video/stock footage feature for its clients and contributors. It had become highly popular form many contributors and after initial confusion about the upload format/tech specs many videos streamed to DT database. Second wave of excitement brought beginning of the December (for contributors), when videos become visible (yet not downloadable) and 13/12/2013 - the new format to sell sprang to life.

First videos sold were from the Nature Category ... surprise :-)

( Multi-colored Sunrise , Yellow Leafs in the Wind ).

© Teabum
Since then, there has been huge increase of the stock footage available and in the beginning of 2014, there are becoming to sell well. Most popular category is of course Nature with almost 6 thousand entries, closely followed by Abstract with over 4 thousand videos available (early Jan 2014). Abstract is also best selling category as far as I can tell.

Although there are still many little changes appearing in the stock footage section, it seems, that all the features are working well now (like sorting, lightboxes,...) so I believe it's time, we created some new & flashy collection with our footage.

Here are my three - first collections to start:

Favorite Stock Footage 2014

which contains selection of the best selling videos from the beginning and will be expanded through the 2014. Here you can see the buyers trends, popular footage.

Video Favorites by Contributors 2014

open entry for your best/most favourite video, that you have created.

Amazing Stock Videos 2014

is collection, which I could not resist, while watching some of the videos. Just awesome and creative. open for your favorite contributions suggest the best/most hilarious/stunning/ you liked on DT.

Thank you DT for being creative. Contributors, post videos for 2nd and 3rd collection please.

Photo credits: Teabum.

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January 06, 2014


"Lenutaidi" thank you for your kind words :-)

January 06, 2014


Hi! Really wonderful collections! Congratulations! Great work! Keep uploading your beautiful video footage!

January 04, 2014


I nave a lot of problems ru upload videos

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