Stockphoto 101

Well taking a photo isn't hard? - Not at all. With today's technology everyone can pick up a camera and take images. A very common comment you get as a photographer

- "Your camera take very good photos" - What should i answer to that, c'mon :P

- "Well, thank you, i have learned it all i know" Technically it isn't the camera who takes the photos, its the person behind it. You set all the settings and compose your picture right?. You get the drift.

Is it hard to get your photos accepted at the agencies? - Sometimes. Some agencies are very picky, some are more "relaxed" and almost accepted every picture you submit.

What sells?- Everything, people, nature, editorial, sport, architecture, household items, animals, food

Should you keep on uploading photos even when you get rejected? - Of course.

You should never stop upload photos even tho some of your photos gets rejected. Never take it personal, the editors of the agencies only accepted top quality photos and knows whats sells. You may not always agree with the editors, you can always re-submit the photos you think have potential to sell.

Do you need a camera and lens for 10000$?

No, all you need is a point-and-shot camera. Those are underrated today. They can actually take photos decent enough to make it in stockphoto market.

What camera gear you use does not matter to much, its HOW you use it that counts.

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March 18, 2013


i agree , it takes a lot of will power , and a never give up attitude to succeed!

March 17, 2013


lets learn from the best... someday we can become one of them ;)

March 16, 2013


We talk a lot about photos,but even more we need to talk about creativity,concept and niche topic that orient us.

March 15, 2013


Taking a photo is not hard, creating a very good photographic image that is acceptable for agencies is very difficult.

March 14, 2013


As long as your camera doesn't produce a lot of noise and the lens doesn't create chromatic aberration both will lead to rejection and frustration.

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