Stocks for the winter! :)

In Russia we usually do marinade stocks, pickle cucumbers, tomatoes, do different jam for the winter.

If you have thought that we do not have not enough meal it is an error, shops are filled up by similar products. But can they be compared to pickles made at home by the hands?

sorry for my English

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December 31, 2010


Hello Palto,

I'm looking for a green Stylish retro TV like ( . I' would like to buy it, but on a different angle (i already see the one i'm loking for, but i can't find it again). Please, tell me where can i find the whole gallery. Thank you on advance.

December 20, 2010


Hello, I downloaded your image #16723281, do you have this image without the text? Thank you.

August 05, 2010


Hello Palto,

I would like to use "The businessman hastens for work"as part of a new logo; is that OK with you?

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