I just wanted to warn everyone, contributors and admins on DT. There was a recent serious issue on another stock site. Apparently, a group of people where trying to run an elaborate scam. They were buying discounted credits from different stock sites and downloading images then posting them as their own. So, keep a watchful eye on your work. It was an observant contributor who discovered this while searching for one of her own images, a stolen one was discovered. These thieves had their accounts cancelled and I am hoping that they will be prosecuted somehow. So be on the lookout, if you see an image that you recognize with strange name attached to it, report it

Photo credits: Agencyby, Mpruner.

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I have also encountered such abnormal download, but nothing I can do.


Hi David2xs, That's one problem, but the truth is, it is a crime. Theft and copyright infringement are serious issues.


u know that when someone steals anothers pictures all they do is to cheapen everyones pictures. dave


I agree with Fultonsphoto---Mine don't sell either so they should be I do hope these folks get prosecuted .We all work hard to get our images approved,and then someone steals them!!How terrible!


I know what you mean Dessie, but the reviewers look at so many images. I think the key to stopping this lies in the application process. New contributors need to be looked at more closely and have their information checked like they do here at DT. I remember having to upload picture ID before acceptance.


We've found them on one of the sites but maybe they upload to more of the sites.
Irisangel, I still wonder how is it possible reviewers don't recognise these famous photos? I'm new to stock (one year) and already can recognise photos with lot of sales and even some photographers' styles of shooting. How can a reviewer NOT recognise the famous Kurhan' smiling photos ?!?


Why don't you tell the site so we can check ?


Interesting,- how people can feel when they doing that?


I never thinking that can happen.Thanks for alerting us


If it is true, this will be a very serious problem.
Thanks for the alert!


Me too, there was an image that I recognized from this site, it was Gold fish jump, by Mikdam. I knew I had seen it before and searched for it here when I couldn't find it on the other site, so they were taking images from one site and uploading to another. I guess they don't realize that most of us, upload to more than one site. [imgl]http://www.4635114[/imgl]


Yikes! Hey, thanks for the heads up! I do hope these people are held accountable.


It's incredible! As always, there are people without scrupulous. Thanks!


Hi Noonie, Luckily the people responsible were found out very quickly. They seem to go after the images that have sold the most.


My Images are safe, they dont sell lmao :0) , however, it is sad that this does happen and glad someone noticed this and reported them.


I don't have time to check all the places to see if anyone is stealing! Let's hope something is done!!


Very interesting and informative, but also sad. Thanks for the alert!


Good alert! Sad when such things happen. And glad, that stock site take and action against such frauds. I wish the world would be a better place...

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