Stolen Photos Part II

Well, I thought they were going to do the right thing.

Today, Friday, I had to write this e-mail_ Charlotte,

So far no changes. I noticed that your client has stripped the Copyright info and credits out of the photo on the site in the EXIF info attached to the photos. Not an innocent mistake.

Have her remove the photo from the site.


Her agent's info:

Charlotte Morgan

Morgan Lockyer

London t. +44 20 7837 4600




Photo credits: Larry Spisak.

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I am so glad that it worked out for you. I haven't had to use the link, so was curious if it would work. Thank you for the update.


It seems the issue has been resolved. The picture has been taken off the site. Thanks to Ryan at for all his help. I filed a DRMA form with help from Chanevy whose link is spot on. Thanks so much to you. Made it official and it worked.



Thank you. Filed a complaint with Google, the web service provider and a few others. It's a registered photo with the copyright office. Had they asked, I probably have said yes. But ask. Is that too much?


Please keep us updated on your situation. I hope you can resolve this successfully, and soon. Good luck to you! :)


You are welcome. Please let me know if it works. I think once a hosting company is on notice of a copyright issue they are liable if they don't take action to correct the problem.


Thanks for that. I tried another avenue with them by going through the Forums and was told it wasn't their repsonsibilty for what the users did, But I'll try your link.


Since this is a Wordpress domain, I would think contacting the wp admins would help. Here is a link with instructions to report.

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