Stone Sculptures of Western Madhya Pradesh, India

Historic Stone Art of India Madhya Pradesh

Hindu Deity Central India

Madhya Pradesh is the Central Indian state of India. It has very old history of ancient civilisation and culture. Many parts of Western Madhya Pradesh which includes Narmada Valley, Nimar and Malwa areas once very in the stone arts.

Ancient Idols of later Buddhist Era

Ancient Hindu Temple

Stone Sculptures of later Buddhist era and idols from 5th Century AD found at various places of Mandsour, Kasrawad, Harsud, Mandav etc.

Sclupture India

Ancient Stone Idol India

Stone idols of Jain and Hindu deities of found at Hinglajgarh area during excavation which belongs to 9th Century AD to 12 Century AD.

Idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Garud, Vaghdevi are the prominent ones.

Ancient Jain Deity Central India

Ancient Sclupture of Hindu Deity

Photo credits: Shariqkhan.
  • Shariqkhan

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